We have a passionate and professional team from the area of Urban Planner, Architects, Social Work, and Management who are also cyclists to lead the change. & with a strong social media presence to create the buzz & ensure Critical Mass. Also with the non-availability of public transportation, our campaign does address Urban & environmental Issues of Pollution, Congestion & MOST IMPORTANTLY with maintaining social distancing CYCLING is the best vehicle for Short commutes, Running Errands, Physical & Mental Health. Click here to change this text


Firoza Suresh

Founder & Director
My name is Firoza Suresh, I am a cycling enthusiast and pledged to make cycling the currency of health, and to work towards sustainable transportation in Mumbai. With the Smart...

Zohra Mutabanna

Senior Urban Designer & Urban Planner. Zohra is a member of the American Institute of certified planners, USA & Council of Architects, India. She has 10+ yrs experience in urban...

Mansoor Ali

Air quality expert – Mansoor Ali helps mitigate the risk from indoor air through the much efficient dehumidifier systems he has developed. Being an air quality expert is about more...