Sunset Point Via Mira Road

Sunset Point Via Mira Road

“Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world.” ~ Grant Petersen. In today’s age of stress and anxiety, each and every person tries to seek inner peace and happiness. They find various alternatives in order to do so like cooking, sketching, listening to music, spending time with the person of their choice or cycling. Personally I feel like cycling is the best option one can choose in order to look for peace as it not only nurtures our mental health but also improves our physical strength. People prefer going for a ride to a place which is pollution free. It calms their soul as they connect with nature.

There are several places in and around the R Central Ward which will definitely please you and give you the comfort you’re looking for during and post rides. No matter how many times you visit the same place it never fails to attract the photographer inside you with its beauty. There are beaches, forts, temples, national park and many other nature friendly places where sometimes the wifi won’t be available yet your connection with nature won’t ever be weak.

Sunset Point in Manori Island is one of these places which bring you close to our mother earth because you get to enjoy your journey with greenery all around you and reach the destination with a beautiful beach view from the top of a hill. There are three alternatives to reach Manori Island which are as follows

  1. From Gorai via ferry.
  2. From Marve Jetty via ferry.
  3. From Mira Bhayander.
  1. If you choose to go via ferry then you’ll get to see the Global Vipassana Pagoda on the way while you enjoy the ferry ride. But if you plan to go via Mira Bhayander then you get to take the scenic route as you pass through the port city Dongri and the coastal town Uttan which has trees on both the sides of the road and cool breeze all around. The best part of taking the Mira Bhayander route is that you get the choice to visit to many more nature friendly places on the way which makes the ride even more memorable. The ideal time to start the ride is early in the morning by 5:30AM as it gives a positive start to your day and keeps you in a good mood as the day progresses. If you plan to ride in the evening then you should start the ride by 5:00 PM as you get to witness a beautiful sunset letting you know that endings can be beautiful too. No matter if you ride in the morning or evening, make sure that you have a well charged pair of cycling lights since it is dark and the lights will assist you while you ride.
  1. Being the Bicycle Marshal of R Central Ward, I’ve been to this place numerous times with different groups of people yet the sense of satisfaction on everyone’s face after reaching the destination appears to be the same. We as a group have discovered many places by following the dirt road which led us to somewhere we had never been before. There are many places to explore in Manori Island which might be difficult to locate on the map. These places can’t be explored unless you get there since the information of that location might not be available on the internet. The nature therapy you receive peddling through can’t be described in words. So put on your helmet, get your bike and join us along on a beautiful journey that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

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